Scheurich Lava Vase Set

SKU: R40631-00
Dimensions (DxWxH):
5 x 11.5 in
Quantity Available:
red black

Large: Diameter 5″ Height 11.5″
Medium: Diameter 3″ Height 9″
Small: Diameter 4.75″ Height 6″

Engulfed in flames, the Scheurich Lava Vase Set may be FormDecor’s most striking accessory set. Crafted by a West German ceramic artist, the Scheurich Lava Vase Set is vintage with a striking Fat Lava design.

FormDecor’s selection of authentic and original vases are available to be rented for any type of event. FormDecor Furniture Rental delivers throughout Los Angeles as well as Southern California. We do ship nationwide via trusted carriers.

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