Industrial Steel Backlit Bar (Orange Baroque)

SKU: R40019-05
Dimensions (DxWxH):
24 x 96 x 41.5 in
Quantity Available:
orange silver white

Knock Knock, who’s there? Orange you glad to see us! The Industrial Steel Backlit Bar (Orange Baroque) is a fantastic untraditional backlit bar for your next special occasion. With bonus storage, the Industrial Steel Backlit Bar (Orange Baroque) is also secured on locking casters for ease of mobility. The orange vinyl pattern will be illuminated once lit through the fluorescent lighting on the Industrial Steel Backlit Bar (Orange Baroque). Rent a Industrial Steel Backlit Bar (Orange Baroque) from FormDecor Furniture Rental.

Our inventory of bars may be rented for any type of event. FormDecor delivers in Los Angeles as well as Southern California. We do ship nationwide via trusted carriers.

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