Rapper’s Delight Sofa (Music)

SKU: S20197-00
Dimensions (DxWxH):
36 x 78 x 36 in
Quantity Available:
orange turquoise purple silver black

Seating Height 19 inches

Room for more! The Rapper’s Delight Sofa (Music) has the word music emblazoned along the back! With chrome-painted legs and frame, the Graffiti Sofa’s seat, back, and legs are hand painted in a popping orange, turquoise, purple, and silver tag. With a slew of other matching and complimentary pieces of furniture, the Rapper’s Delight Sofa (Music) is a must-have furniture item.

FormDecor’s selection of authentic and original sofas are available for rent for any type of event. FormDecor Furniture Rental delivers throughout Los Angeles as well as Southern California. FormDecor ships nationwide via trusted carriers.

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