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Easy remote've never seen such a movie theater. In fact, precisely, it is only very small, only go to the cinema experience, grow up, would almost did not go over. Apart from the occasional school back to play some people sleepy organization science movie theater in addition to the multi-function, grow up, easy to throw up almost no real sense of cinema seen the movie. And in front of this one, even if it is on television, or weird absurd imagination, I did not see before. Pink screen. The whole cinema was kept in a large pink interior sphere. Soft, almost cute pink light the inside of a man enveloped not very nice. Many students pulled out a cell phone in front of a pink circular dome overhead camera. Still heard "Kawai Kawai" sound. The same must also be seen against the cell phone camera toot up cute mouth. Sensi holding hands under the care of a ticket, then look natural and easy ride away on the shoulders, pushed behind easy to walk slowly moved forward along the road already seated person's feet have incorporated into the seat, Gu Sensi lit head, sorry to all the way called "borrowed" walked over. Easy remote sudden a thought, a bit like now to go back and look at the way Sensi care. But hand on their shoulders too natural, if they turned around, a bit too affectionate. No. 2 and No. 4 in the middle. Looked up just to nba jerseys cheap see the center of the dome. Like the latitude and longitude of the white lines gather on that one point. Easy remote bowed his head around to see just looking up at the dome Gu Sensi profile, under pink light like a teenager, like ceramics made ​​clean. Ambient light darkening, nba jerseys for sale a neat excited voice, and the music sounded a little slow down. Quiet around a pink dome becomes a penetrating gaze, but darkness. Movies were a few minutes later, the door beam of light weak weak torch lit up in a huge space, two men walked slowly toward the inside, the person should be a late bar. Almost all the deep dark movie scenes, so it does not light, do not know who is watching. Only vaguely distinguish between two people one after the other and slowly walked toward his seat. Suddenly a huge explosion of red on the screen, violent submarine volcanic eruption, steam surging forward towards the formation of huge blisters churn up the water. Boil the ocean as a whole in general. Suddenly lit in red, the white shirt Qiming clearly emerge from the darkness out, Gu Senxiang followed behind him, two people finally found a place to sit to. Gu Sensi easy to walk down the eyes to see the past, there is no, could not help but shook his hand in front of her, "Hey, what to see it?" "Watching movies, ah," easy walk back a little disdain, "but also to nba jerseys china see what?" 128 Two identical faces. Sometimes feel really awkward. After coming really, really big science museum will feel a little frightening. After the movie came out, easy to walk and care Sensi began slowly moving with the flow of people visit each hall. From the very beginning of the rainforest, and then go up layer by layer. Go to "crust secret" that a hall when the remote is easy to feel a little tired. Gradually slow the pace down. Finally stopped against the wall. But Gu Sensi would think very interested. For boys seem interested in "ancient crustal change" and "ice crystal formation and development" is more intense than girls. Even in that light and sound with a simple structure together "volcanic eruption analog devices" in front of Gu Sensi also staring at his pair of big nba jerseys eyes already whispers: "! Oh - severe" and see he clenched his fist, very excited. Really a bit outside. This should be regarded as the usual cold rebellious school problem students "alternative side of" it. Gu Sensi's easy to look back and see the stop away, then turned to go back, "how is it?" Easy remote waved his hand, did not answer, continue to rest against the wall. Gu Sensi also seems a little tired, so did not speak, walk away and easy side, after two elbows propped railing daze. Somewhere in front of two people gathered about two dozen people. Gu Sensi ran ahead to see a bit, then come back to easily walk, said: "! Preceded by an earthquake museum experience hey" Easy walk: "And then?"

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