5 Tips To Surviving Comic-Con

While summer can be brutal, summer conventions might straddle the thin line of nightmarish experience coupled with I’ve Made A Huge Mistake. With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, we wanted to put together a few survival tips so the intrepid stand a chance at not being overwhelmed.


  1. Maps: Memorize the layout of San Diego’s Convention Center. Not going to Hall H or Ballroom 20? Steer clear of the area to avoid incredibly long lines and general pandemonium. This is important: Learn your booth number. Stumbling through the chaos that is the show floor while trying to get to your booth can be maddening. Dodging cosplayers, hyper children, hyper adults, and the shell-shocked newbies is not for the faint of heart, so know your surroundings.
  2. Schedules: We can’t stress this enough, but know your schedule. Whether you’re on a specific timetable for your booth or taking a few hours to enjoy the con, remember your schedule and Comic-Con’s schedule as well. If you want to see a specific panel or event, keep in mind that lines generally begin to queue hours in advance.
  3. Water: Stay hydrated. In a mad crush of humans all jostling to occupy the same space, it doesn’t matter if there’s air conditioning. It will be hot. It will be crowded. And you will be thirsty. BYOW.
  4. Shoes: We love those Chuck Taylors as much as you do, but nothing beats good arch support. Pack your freshest pair of kicks and get to walking!
  5. Enjoy Yourself: Ultimately, you’re either at Comic-Con for work, play, or a little bit of both. Take the time to enjoy yourself and marvel at the amazing cosplay, energy, and/or sheer magnitude of the convention.

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