FormDecor at the Taste of ISES LA


FormDecor’s lounge for the Taste of ISES LA luncheon blended well with the lush greenery at the LA River Garden Center.

FormDecor was proud to provide furniture for ISES LA’s ‘Taste of ISES LA’ luncheon this past month. Furniture in green, white and brown with pops of bright colors complemented the blooming Spring gardens at the LA River Garden Center. The al fresco dining experience was a collaboration of small plates provided by Good Gracious! Events, Feast Catering, Someone’s in the Kitchen and Lawry’s of Beverly Hills, leading to a delightful and delicious afternoon. Feast your eyes on the photos below!

FormDecor’s bright orange Sunset and Emerald Pillow popped on our shimmering green Petrin Sofa. Surrounded by white furnishings, including the Quatre Lune Table and Colony Lounge Chair, it was the perfect spring time decor!


FormDecor’s Malachite Paso Side Tables and Cork Ottomans are an inspired pairing of visual and tactile texture! The earth toned ottoman, bright green malachite tables and vivid floral arrangements by Lotus & Lily, the grouping makes for a unique seating arrangement perfect for outdoor events.


FormDecor’s Lumis Bistro Tables are highly functional and versatile pieces, adjustable from counter height to bar height. Here, they are depicted with individual floral arrangements at variable heights, showcasing their versatility as a dynamic grouping.


Someone’s in the Kitchen
Amazing food, fizzy drinks and mouthwatering desserts were served by the fabulous Feast Catering, Someone’s in the Kitchen and Lawry’s of Beverly Hills. Smaller plates are projected to be a new catering trend, but don’t be fooled by the size — a filling meal was enjoyed by all!


Pauline Perry of Good Gracious! Events, spoke about her experience in the catering industry, and that she was a fan of smaller bites as they allows guests to enjoy the event rather than standing in lines. Lounge vignettes are a perfect way for guests to enjoy small bites as they mingle!


Joann Roth of Someone’s in the Kitchen proclaimed her love of BBQ and ice cream, items that will never go out of style. Yet she recently received an ISES Award for catering an entire vegan wedding — showcasing her versatility and knowledge of the industry!


If you’re looking to WOW your guests at your next outdoor or garden themed event, FormDecor Modern Furniture has the rentals you’ll need to make it that much more memorable. Let us know how we can help by reaching out at

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