The Look: Seeing Double

On the surface, this vignette looks like something we could find on a James Bond set, but it’s a look anyone can easily draw inspiration from for your next design. Truth be told, that’s what FormDecor Furniture Rental’s inventory is all about.  While everyone has a different style, FormDecor team members, Mike and Eric, bring theirs out front and center in this mod lounge area suitable for a green room or VIP space. Using a modular coffee table as the focal anchor, we see a pleasing symmetrical design echoed on each side.



All furnishings in this vignette are available for rent at any time!

 S20106-00_demi_lune_sofaLumeno Coffee Table 1Unicycle Table 1

Zebra Rug (Grey) 1Mirror Matrix 1Caiman Screen 1

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