Murano Cigar Dish Burgundy

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3 × 7 × 3 in
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Red amber clear

Vintage Murano Cigar Dish Burgundy. With clear outer glass layer.

This Vintage Murano Cigar Dish Burgundy is a beautiful decor piece of sculpted glass in burgundy, and amber hues. The Murano Cigar Dish Burgundy can be used as an ashtray, candy dish, bowl, or centerpiece with its distinct pattern.

With a collection of stylish and chic accessories (vases, balls, bowls, decanters, décor, statues, ashtrays, candy dishes, candles, bottles, globes, podiums, trash cans, ice buckets, short piles, rugs, area rugs, screens, room dividers, topiary, faux plants, planters, hedge planters, mirrors, paintings, artwork, floor mirrors, reliefs, pillows, throws and pelts), FormDecor Furniture Rentals inventory is available for event furniture rentals including, but not limited to tradeshows, weddings, special events, corporate event, film and television, as well as social events. Rent the Murano Cigar Dish Burgundy for your next event! We deliver throughout Los Angeles and all of southern California and ship nationwide through preferred freight carriers.

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