Moderne Modular Bar (White Marble)

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Dimensions (DxWxH):
168 × 168 × 41.5 in
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white, marble

White and sleek design equals extreme modernity. FormDecor’s Moderne Modular Bar (White Marble) embodies this with extreme adherence. On casters, the Moderne Modular Bar (White Marble) is designed with white marble laminate with interior shelving. Available as a single, duo or any combination to suit your event and style. The Moderne Modular Bar (White Marble) can essentially “match” any type of design or decor.

Moderne Bar 8′: 24 × 96.25 × 41.5 in

Moderne Bar 4′: 24 × 48 × 41.5 in

Moderne Corner Pedestal: 24 × 24 × 41.5 in

Moderne Corner Pedestal: 24 × 24 × 41.5 in

FormDecor’s selection of modern bars are available for rent for any type of event. FormDecor Furniture Rental delivers throughout Los Angeles as well as Southern California. FormDecor ships nationwide via trusted carriers.

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