Showtime Vanity Mirror

SKU: R40932-00
Dimensions (DxWxH):
5.5 × 23 × 17.5 in
Quantity Available:
mirror, white

Expand your horizons. Every angle of this Showtime Vanity Mirror offers a brilliant reflection in wide-angle, landscape orientation. Equipped with a USB charging port made it convenient to charge your smart phone or use other USB devices. Also, adding three different lighting settings ensures your makeup looks flawless. It can easily switch from Cool White, Neutral Light to Warm Yellow. The lights are soft bright and dimmable, won’t hurt your eyes. The Showtime Vanity Mirror is a frameless sleek vanity mirror with super solid metal base, permitting the mirror to stand freely on a table. Catch the big picture: either mounted on top of the Parsons Bar Table (white) or Parsons Desk (white).

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