POOF Ottoman

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Dimensions (DxWxH):
29 × 15 in
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red orange light orange yellow teal aqua blue purple lavender purple

Every celebration needs a LED-illuminated ottoman and we’ve got a perfect match for you with our POOF Furniture Series. FormDecor’s POOF Ottoman was created with a Polyethylene design, but that’s not all! The POOF Ottoman includes a LED 30-light colored battery operated by a small hand-held remote control. If you think you’re stuck with one color, there’s no need to worry: you have a choice of multiple hues ranging from red, orange, light orange, yellow, teal, aqua, light blue, blue, purple, lavender and purple. Strobe and change-speed are controlled through the hand-held remote. Great for outdoor use, your guests will love this unique furniture at your next event. Click on image to see full color selections.

FormDecor’s wide and unique collection of ottomans, POOF ottoman, benches, stools, poufs, and countless other designs are available for rent for any event (weddings, trade-shows, social events, etc.). We deliver in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California while also working with select carriers for nationwide shipping.

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