Saarinen Series 71 Armchair (Green)

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Dimensions (DxWxH):
23 × 26 × 31.5 in
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green chrome

What makes a statement, but doesn’t overwhelm a room? It’s a hard sell with iconic furniture and knowing how to stage items within a design, but there’s where Knoll is so masterful. With their Design Planning Unit, Knoll created a way to achieve balance and beauty within a room and the Saarinen Series 71 Armchair was an integral part of this. Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1950, it replaced a previous Knoll design as the go-to chair for rooms. The Saarinen Series 71 Armchair (Green) is a burst of color and fits wonderfully with other furnishings. The reflective chrome legs formed from tubular steel elevates the Saarinen Series 71 Armchair (Green) from “just a chair” to a statement.

FormDecor’s selection of mid-century chairs (Saarinen-designed and other modern masters) are available to rent for any event (tradeshow, corporate/social/special, wedding, wtc.). FormDecor delivers in Los Angeles as well as Southern California. FormDecor offers nationwide shipping through select carriers.

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