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FormDecor at the ISESLA Luncheon.

Special events, such as weddings, are once in a lifetime and undoubtedly, those who plan for them want every little detail to be perfect. When it comes down to planning the most joyful of occasions, it is important to find furniture for the occasion that is a match as perfect as the bride and groom. Special event furniture rental should take any event to the next level. FormDecor is America’s largest event furniture rental provider of authentic, iconic 20th Century furniture and accessories for special events, including modern chandeliers, superb leather couches and retro tables to match every taste and occasion.

Likewise, every special occasion—photography shoots, home staging, trade shows and films—has one shot at setting the right scene and the right impression. FormDecor  can accommodate any need, as we carry  a vast array of furniture in terms of design, era, color, fabric and feel, amongst many other qualities. Where details, style, luxury, comfort and professional service matters most, FormDecor takes the rental experience to the next level!

Your one of a kind source for modern event furniture rental!

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Go retro, go stylish – GO MODERN!

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