Set Design According to Clayton Ford

As we’ve kicked off month one of our DesignDare 2020, and dive into reimagining Classic TV show sets, we talk to Art Director and Set Designer, Clayton Ford of Local 800.

Clayton has designed sets for a variety of TV shows and films including Brother Season 22, Chasing the Crown S1 & S2, and ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards 2019, to name a few.

“A good set design tells a story. It can be “invisible” to the viewer, meshing so well with the characters’ personalities that we barely notice it, or it can create a striking dissonance, revealing a deep discomfort. The secret lairs of heroes and masterminds are decorated with hi-tech gadgets and their favorite creature comforts. A basement setting with a concrete floor, wood-paneled walls, and grandma’s old floral sofa feel like the perfect space to hang out with our best high school friends. Add some details like Pink Floyd albums, board games, and some smoldering cigarette butts in an ashtray and your set becomes the story!”

~ Clayton Ford, Art Director (Local 800)

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