Our History

timeline-bubble01It started with one chair.


It started with one chair. As an avid collector of Mid-Century Modern furniture, Fritz Williams, FormDecor’s founder and president, would search high and low to acquire the most eye catching collectibles. One chair led to many, many others.


Initially a boutique retail operation with clientele extending from the US
to as far away as Japan and Germany, FormDecor’s small office on Sunset Blvd. grew into a furniture rental company once called upon by Frederique “Freddie” Georges who needed to fill a 10,000 sq. ft. exhibit space with high end modern furniture.

Freddie approached Fritz to collaborate on the project, knowing that his extensive knowledge of Mid-Century furnishings would produce a unique exhibit with a niche of furniture as yet unavailable in the rental marketplace. They combined their talents, forming FormDecor Furniture Rental. In May of 2018 the enormous 17 year brand building success entered a new chapter with Fritz taking over the company and brand direction.


With design experience, event expertise, and a fervent passion for the genre, Fritz has led FormDecor to the pinnacle of style and service, elevating the standard of Southern California furniture rentals and filling a  glaring void of authentic modern furniture in the event rental industry.


From a 400 sq. ft. storefront to the current 102,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Huntington Beach, FormDecor continues to evolve while providing convenient service to all of California, Las Vegas and beyond. With impeccable business practices and an ever changing, dynamic inventory, FormDecor is the “go to” resource for well designed, well maintained furniture rentals in  the Nation!