POOF Ottoman

SKU: C10264-00
Dimensions (DxWxH):
29 × 15 in
Quantity Available:
red orange light orange yellow teal aqua blue purple lavender purple

Every celebration needs a LED-illuminated ottoman and we’ve got a perfect match for you with our POOF Furniture Series. With your choice of a full size metallic silver cushion or small matte silver cushion. FormDecor’s POOF was created with a Polyethylene design, but that’s not all!

The POOF includes a LED 30-light colored battery operated by a small hand-held remote control. If you think you’re stuck with one color, there’s no need to worry: you have a choice of multiple hues ranging from red, orange, light orange, yellow, teal, aqua, purple, lavender and purple. Strobe and change-speed are controlled through the hand-held remote. Great for outdoor use, your guests will love this unique furniture at your next event. Click on image to see full color selections.

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