Black and Yellow? Why YES We Do!

It’s already November and guests are STILL talking about how fabulous the Williams-Russell wedding was this past July 3rd!!!  Yellow and black paired together does make a stunning and lasting impression.  Attendees were awed not only by the waterfront setting but also the details . . .  vibrant pops of yellow set off of a black and white backdrop.  And FormDecor’s black and white Carlton Screens absolutely transformed the ballroom from nautical to a modern French Parisian Theme.  Our popular Bellini Chairs adorned the ceremony location and afterwards guests mingled and lounged on the comfy (and bright) Mulholland Chairs, the lovely Melrose Sofa and our Rochelle Fainting Couches.

And at FormDecor, our furnishings and exquisite color palettes make it easy for you to combine stylish seating and accessories to make an impressionable event! . . .One that has your guests talking for months to come!




And if you can’t get enough of this wedding,… Check out the feature on the Silken Lines and Silver Hooks blog.

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