Trade Show Rentals

At FormDecor, we have been providing our clients with top of the line trade show rentals for more than 15 years. From delivery to set-up and even tear-down, we’ve been pleased to provide exceptional trade show rentals for some of the largest trade shows in the nation. Our unbeatable selection and superior style offers a suitable look for any type of show and our excellent assortment of high-end furniture and accessories is sure to accentuate your booth or VIP space.

From flexible seating options to alluring tables, and stunning accessories, we are your one stop trade show rental company. Our team of passionate designers can help you achieve the exact look and feel you desire. Plus, we are committed to serving you regardless of location. We proudly ship to customers throughout the continental United States. So whether your trade show is right here in sunny southern California or across the country in New York City, you can count on us.

When it comes to finding the perfect trade show rentals, look no further than FormDecor. We have a full team of design consultants ready to help make your trade show an event to remember. With a comprehensive knowledge of the items stocked in our 21,000 square foot warehouse and years of experience, our team can be sure to provide our customers with some insightful style tips.

Browse our unparalleled selection of products here.

For more information about our inventory or to place an order for your trade show rental, please give us a call at (310) 558-2582.

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